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AWolfeful LA Trailer’s here! But guys, if you wanna go in fresh and get surprised, you know the drill. You have a big choice to make... Will you hit play?? Will you wait??? The suspense! Writer/filmmaker/film critic/generic cat lover. Pods: @SwitchbladePod formerly @whoshotyapod Co-writer BLACK CHRISTMAS out Dec. 13.
civilrightsorg Washington, DC “For the appeals court judges in particular, the decisions these people make will affect you and millions of other people for generations.” Many of Trump’s judges are extreme, unqualified, and serving FOR LIFE. We can’t stop fighting. #StopTrumpsTakeover The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. Led by @vanitaguptaCR, we're the nation’s oldest & largest civil rights coalition.
iMisred Harare, Zimbabwe Certain offices require you to implicitly be made to understand that any statement you make will be scrutinized and in most cases it becomes an official Goverment statement because it is made by a government official. #Twimbos, kindly give your understanding of this statement Drive-Time Radio Host @zifmstereo #TheRush | TV Personality | Digital Entrepreneur | M.C |Speaker |View's on here are my own | 🇿🇼#IAmZimbabweanFirst
gyqz Zoetermeer, Nederland @Ericdress_com You do not offer steal other people's designs and sell them as your own. Ericdress is nothing but a cheap scam company that needs to be upfront with the customers about not being legit at all. But hey: I guess the easy money you make will keep you asleep at night. Bit stupid, in for a good laugh, movies, classical music to black metal, books, name it....did I mention I am disturbed???, really....
kemisogunle Maryland, USA “Everyday is an opportunity to get help where need, jump and change your life and mindset. The choice you make will determine the outcome you accomplish or receive. Your choice...your reality!” - Kemi Sogunle… Certified Professional Coach-Love, Life & Relationship Expert for Singles, Multi Award-Winning Author, International Speaker & @HuffPost Contributor
yaatencio Panama Sometimes the life is a mess, but don't to lose faith and know that all the efforts you make will bear fruit in the future. We just have to be patient. Don't give up before the rainbow comes!
earthgirls_r_ez no bewitched is the cutest movie ever how do u make will ferrel and nicole kidman seem like a couple people would want to stay together 🥺🥺 ok
GeoRR34 I feel that those who make rr34 should expect judgement and some form of harassment as obviously the content I make and you make will for sure turn some heads and make people disgusted by it. Do I think the harassment is valid? No, however people are free to speak their minds 🔞🏳️‍🌈 RR34 creator taking a big break for 3 months.
guardianclasses The decisions you make will impact the course of the rest of your life. Dr Valentina Ferretti shows you what really drives your decisions - and how to make better ones. Plus: use the code HAPPYHOUR25 for a 25% discount! If you need support, or have a question, please email rather than tweet. Thank you
iminthenorf @penseeart Hannibal trying to make Will jealous but ends up falling for them both bc they both like murdering and they live in 3some heaven she/her 🇯🇴 24 ✨my dads are gonna eat u✨ #saveHannibal #Hannibal
ManuelKuehn3 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Joe Kaeser: „What Iraq has achieved in the recent years, to secure peace, fight terrorism and stabilize the economy deserves the utmost respect! And Siemens is there to support“. „Every single Euro profit we make will be reinvested in the country!“ #IEF2019, #IraqEnergyForum Developing markets and business opportunities in the middle east
ZiggenVox San Diego, CA @QueenSweetlipz @StefanMolyneux My grandfather is a Mexican immigrant, earned his citizenship after military service, and brought his 8 brothers and sisters here legally and got them jobs. No argument you can make will qualify cutting a baby to pieces. Your dumb arguments are going to be stored forever online. God Family Freedom
kristykinkx3 New Mexico, USA Help me have a good birthday Monday 😊 every sale I make will include something extra and if you retweet there will be a surprise in your inbox +18 content. nsfw. stoner babe💕 kinky kitten😘 amateur pornstar✌️ selling content to please👄💕 snap or kik panicpandas2
Shabba_Doo Los Angeles, CA “The saddest thing in life is wasted talent and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.” - A Bronx Tale Producer • Writer • Director • Actor Award-winning Choreographer • Hip Hop Hall of Fame Inductee
itsthemuddler The next stop that we make will be soon Tell all the folks in Russia and China, too Don't you know that it's time to get on board And let this train keep on riding, riding on through Well, well People all over the world (you don't need no money) Join hands O' Jays for President .
wjstay_ wjsn | rv | mx i want to make food but i know what i Want to make will be too filling and i won't enjoy it like i would if i was hungrier | 🏳️‍🌈 | red velvet ♡ 180429 & 190215 | #WJSN5thWin
BeinyShep Pittsburgh, PA @ItsBegger Ughhh F Uuuuuuu I'm laying here trying to decide what to eat and now I know nothing I make will come close to this xD p. [bayno] 🐾 @BHMascots fursuiter 🐾 G-Shep 🐾 30 🐾 Counting my blessings on both paws 💚 @Tuftyboi 💚
TreadawayRobert Metairie, LA @Kahil @CNN Really go ahead and impeach. That will be the Worst mistake the Democrats could make will assure his re election would be more of a waste than the special Russian investigation I am a professional musician retired teacher still work for Aflac if you need information glad to help uber driver who loves New Orleans likes to show it off
Bolle20457856 Montenegro @Jack_Mangano Hes right all fans of intel should stay away from AMD R9 3950X bcs its gonna burn so many intel fans that heat i 9900k make will be nothing compared to that... And someone just have opinion and opinion is not reality...
WTSethi Pakistan The choices u make will turn out to b correct for u eventually. Keep aspiring and dreaming 👏🏻😇#Hey19YearOldMe Trust Me! I am a Doctor. Philosophical one. I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is I know nothing 🧐
ostlich n*gga learn to use this and everything you make will look better Doomer.
psychicdaisy_ West Hills, Los Angeles What makes you happy and what you feel is the best step to take. This can resonate with any area of your life that is very confusing for you. Life path, career path, love & relationships, etc. Whichever decision you make will play out on your favor! I'm a 5th yr generation spiritually gifted psychic of 17 years. Through My Abilities I have helped many people. Call for more info 818-739-9568
gnarly_joe @ATTHelp If you cancel my @ESPN and @SECNetwork the easiest phone call I make will be to @dish_answers or @GetSpectrum. Its all I watch.
karmablackthorn alan all the memories that we make will never change, we’ll stay drunk, we'll stay tan, let the love remain and I swear that I'll always paint golden days. time can never break your heart, but It'll take the pain away right now our future's certain I won't let it fade away; ᶠᵃⁿᶜʸ yₒᵤᵤᵤ 🤟
benmkzshh London, England @99ibzx oh wow really? yeah keep yourself relatively lowkey if you think certains will judge. i’m sure your flatmates will be so so supportive and all the friends you make will be too ! that’s the main thing. is it a course chat? 20 / Uni of Birmingham🌙
StevenOfWonder Newark *crosses fingers and chants to self* Make Will a gay Prince Charming. Make Will a gay Prince Charming. Make will a gay Prince Charming. Make Will a gay Prince Charming. Make Will a gay Prince Charming. Make Will a gay Prince Charming. Make Will a gay— ENFJ/Scorpio/Slytherin/Amazon/Mutant/Time Lord This is a dating app, right? 🇨🇺😺🏳️‍🌈
Donfiler_ Federal Capital Territory, Nig Money moves. the next post im going to make will be about me and future singing me in to the music industry . 6' KEEPING IT REAL
sarahstuartxx London, England @MissLauraMarcus He buys a 20 k caravan and lives happily ever after. No one will buy this book. The only money he will make will be the rights he has sold to the Times. #peaktrans #adulthumanfemale #biologicalreality
oldcityvapor St Augustine, FL One if my paintings and one of the pipe lamps I make will be up for auction along with lots of other cool stuff at the Mickrockfest 3 this Saturday. It’s all for a great cause, a full evening of live music and… Podcasting, Fishing, Vaping, Surfboards, Videos, Music, Guitars, Ghost Hunting, Paranormal, reptiles, music, Video, Makeup, and sfx. too many things to list.
HendrixJibby Theres a shift that gets to my work at 430 in the morning and the coffee they make will fork you up. Ive had like 1/4 cup and idk if im gonna finish it lol jibby_hendrix on ig twitter is layme
daniel_tregon @maro254 Why make Will and Rowan a single UR card and not give individual mono cards?
TheBoozeCube Minneapolis, MN @maro254 How did you decide to make Will and Rowan as a single card? Creator of the world's most popular MTG drinking game. Lawyer. Father. 12 Post aficionado.
Crossways23 Shropshire @UtdPotential @ADITYAUTD_7 I think the progress these young players make will depend on cup matches, from there if they can prove themselves and step into the Premier league match day set up. Bangor 1876 & Man United. Grass not plastic, armchair to pitchside a man of many odd opinions
notavailableptk Don’t get me wrong I’ll post sum crap just to remind y’all I’m different when it comes to this creative crap and I’m truly special. But being able to move in silence and know that what I make will speak for itself and be able to move to the masses of y’all then I’m good.
gweneslie Lothlórien, Middle-earth “Hoping that this “huge” change that you will make will get you a good life.” oh yes it will! and i’m excited 😆 sardonic nihilistic sunshine| manic-depressive| thoughtfully curated set of neuroses| semi manic pixie dream girl
queen__kattt Clarksville, TN The family you make will last you a lifetime. I feel like it’s an unique experience. Get your benefits and get out. 25|Dominican| Army| Future Nurse|🇩🇴 previously @dominicana_wad #LONGLIVECHACHIE
kensleypringle Greenville, SC the number of friends you have and the amount of plans you make will never make up for the lonely void inside of you that you have to fix on your own. chillin out’, maxin’, relaxin’, all cool.
SpeaksCory Good morning lovelies & happy full moon for the 13th and 14th. This energy is so strong and will definitely be pushing everyone to make decisions and to grow within yourself. When you grow, the choices you wanna make will become so clear. Trust yourself. And readings are up! ❤️ ♏️ SUN ♐️ RISING ♋️ MOON • astrology, tarot readings, crystals, theories & moreeee • welcome • 🏳️‍🌈 (tipjar: $coralynnf)
baldeagle095 Belfast, Northern Ireland @AlexKane221b @prospect_uk Basically they are in a zugzwang position. Any move they make will eventually end in checkmate. They know a hard Brexit will almost inevitably lead to a Border Poll and a heavy defeat, or they can play skilfully, accept the EU and UK demands re border in Irish Sea and stall Support Ulster and Irish Rugby in equal measure
WParkRenew @BorisJohnson And the money your hedge fund pals will make will fund hundreds of Schools and Hospitals you #lying #cretin #RottentotheCore Making Musical instruments with a difference Creating Modern Art. #BladeforLife.Presenter on all deserve a chance #remain @bopperdoc 🎸🎙
bluegrl80 Why I question all your Pro KSA responses. Most claims you can make will fail under close scrutiny and investigation. Free speech and freedom of expression in KSA are a cleverly crafted myth. #BTSDontGo #speakyourself
Rahuljain094 Hyderabad, @pdblr2 @sangeeth123 @ANI @DRDO_India @indiannavy @narendramodi @rajnathsingh Regardless of AMCA or not, for any indigenous future aircraft that we aspire to make will need arrested landing tech, it never goes to waste, who knows even Navy might Chuck fa-18 and rafale to go with Tejas. Nothing has been finalised yet. Indian cricket team, Man united, Roger Federer fan. Interested in defense related issues. Hate the Gandhi family but not Congress.
randileeharper Portland, OR @QuantumG nothing i make will be very fragile. :P and i've already got expensive hobbies! i kind of want to get a 3d printer, but i don't want to invest a lot of money into it. senior cyber^Wcloud engineer. oldest osu! gamer, very gamer swole. Founder, Online Abuse Prevention Initiative. gaming account: @grandma_kj
AllDdaengBaby dєsí αrmчlíєвєr🇮🇳 @daddybieberstan Yes here too, we call every noodle Maggie, but if I talk about "maggie" its a little thick than all instant noodles and like soft too so the "dish" the woman is trying to make will not come out very good ι σиℓу нανє σиє ℓιfє αи∂ ι σиℓу ωαииα ℓινє ιт ωιтн уσυ♡
tomotamvotir New Zealand @Fire_Nx @pewdiepie Do you really think all those anti semites hanging around in pewds fanbase or all the channers and craplords and racist adjacent or racist anti feminists etc are going to care about which org it is, at the end of the day? The noise they make will make him just cave again. sPangorsive Lateral YonTamber. he/himself
biancamujica96 Denton, TX @TWLOHA has a matching grant right now so any donation you make will be DOUBLED 😄😄 Please help us continue to make mental health resources and care accessible to as many people as possible. ➡️ on the road to rio rico
StephNicoleee_ Navarre, FL @stephraekahler ALL THE POSITIVE VIBES! The decision you make will be the best for you. And just know the unknown is TERRIFYING but the end result of either could be AMAZING! I love you! Congrats on new opportunities! music 🎶 puppies 🐶 California 🌴 giraffes 🦒 traveling ✈️
ShantayDemetro Los Angeles, CA “Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed.” Proverbs 16:3 TPT How great is that I just come on here to post about God so don't ignore my stuff, ft bella sometimes💕
_Snare_ @SethAbramson Who's to say that facts are enough to make a judgement? We need more facts about the facts to make sure the judgement we factually make will be as factually informed as possible. And then, we need facts about ourselves to see if we really believe in facts at all! Aspiring Human Being. Bespoke Dota 2 Caster. Creative Podcaster. Distracted Astrophysics Student.
potlucksoup The Internet As a kinkster I honor our oldest and greatest alliance with LGBTQA of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The art I make will always strive to be safe and friendly to the community. Always feel free be as gay, bi, trans, queer as you need to be. Let your happy rainbow heart glow. I draw and write NSFW things (SFW sometimes). All characters 18+. You better be too. Follow for updates or see all the art at

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