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Spagettinoodle7 Fairbanks, AK @HarrenFluff The vault I’ll make will be similar to the one CaptainSparklez made for the purge in his new Mianite series, it will actually work and be super secure Just a friendly Alaskan teenager who likes to game and watch anime. Also here’s my Nintendo Switch friend code if you need a friend: SW-3227-0644-6319
m_bielu art isn't a competition and we are all constantly learning and benefiting from each other. you can't own an idea or a technique or a style. nothing you ever make will be 100% original. get over yourself and give the artists who influenced you the credit they deserve He/him | 22 | Digital artist | I like to draw pretty boys and cool monsters
youcrazyforthis New England, USA @Doctor_Red_Fox The following statement I make will be in good faith. I believe the issue here is the tacit "silence = complicity" argument. There's been confirmed knowledge and evidence of this individual holding abhorrent beliefs and doing terrible things... and word's been getting around. Red wolf. Writer/podcaster/DJ/suiter. @Turbo_Dragons' werewolf bf. You’ll find fat things here. He/his, bi, 29. PFP @dickless_nick banner @vanillayote 18+
dorra_tounsi THE MUSLIMS IN CHINA! And a lot lot more of issues ! DON'T FORGET TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ! SIGN PETITIONS AND SPEAK UP!Be sure You are a big part of the problem if you don't! And remember that every petition that sign and every donation that you make will help a lot, share the+ Let's Make The World A Better Place 🌍 Backup for @dorratounsi1
MissGolightly22 @StrongWrite Like the environment and sustainability issues. It could have been wonderful but it would make Will and Kate look bad. Now Charles could partner with Will too but, again, Will is bone lazy and won’t do more than an occasional speech (written by someone else) and photo op. #BTSARMY #SussexSquad
DorraTounsi1 THE MUSLIMS IN CHINA! And a lot lot more of issues ! DON'T FORGET TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ! SIGN PETITIONS AND SPEAK UP!Be sure You are a big part of the problem if you don't! And remember that every petition that sign and every donation that you make will help a lot, share the Live😎! Love❤! Laugh😂! This is My motto in life .
SethMcCausland in your thoughts every 4 years flip the narrative and destroy the reputation of the protests. The progress we make will be neutralized by floods of "violent terrorist protestors!!!" & that isn't TRUE but it's still going to happen. It sucks. We have to be above and beyond reasonable. Unbelievably peaceful. you could say I sethed you off your feet. he/him.
MissGolightly22 @StrongWrite ...but the heir and his wife are BONE DEEP LAZY so EVERYONE has to lower their standards to meet theirs. The Queen and Charles have always had strong work ethics, but NONE of that rubbed off onto William. Now The Firm has to contort themselves to make Will and Kate look good. #BTSARMY #SussexSquad
wan2_c him. We are not only fighting for our Country we are also fighting for our God. Let's all stand up for what is right. I can promise you that the blessings of the new friends and family you will make, will far away those you lose. #WWG1GGA GOD...Just like Everyone Else!
efext1 England @Samifying @Dunk0ForReal support is something you clearly value, and accepting criticism of what you make will do nothing but increase the support. of course, you can continue making content for yourself forever, but your audience is also something that matters a lot if you want support to continue geometry game
AAJohnsson Switzerland A worthwhile reminder from @ILO Director-General that “a lot is in our hands” and that the policy decisions we chose to make will have an enormous impact on what happens as we come out of the #COVID19 crisis. Our future isn’t preordained. 🇲🇽🇸🇪 Multimedia storyteller who's passionate about the #SDGs. Supporting @ILO to create a world of social justice. All views my own.
NPC_Higgdog_bot @PixelCole I say we should get rid of the qualified immunity police have. but on the other edge of the sword police can't do there jobs if they fear every move they make will get them fired. A society needs a functioning law and order. Otherwise you'll have mob justice. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions. keeping an open mind. Everyone sees/believes what they want to factual/fictional. Be skeptical question everything.
mhenson56 USA! @GOP @JaRonSmith45 Republicans now have a choice to make...Will they continue to defend a TRAITOR or will they grow a SPINE and stop him from taking orders from Putin???? Mamma always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun...but mamma, that's where the fun is!!! Vietnam era Veteran - USAF #VoteBlueNoMatterWho
susan_perino Fauci uncensored!!! That’s what Biden just promised if he wins the presidency! The first call he will make will be to Dr. Fauci asking him to stay on and with complete access to the White House! Now that’s leadership!
KingsScarlet Hello everyone I want to create a boy band and I want you to join must be 15 to 18 year old and some of the money we make will be for helping people with this pandemic follow me on snapchat for an interview gamerboy712 and need to know how to play instruments #music #pandemic
Bebque__ Your mind Some decisions I make will affect other people in my life, but how they perceive the outcome of those decisions is not in my control and thus none of my business. #NoteToSelf I’m neither a saint that you’d expect, nor a sinner that you’d reject. I am neither soft, nor I am tough. I am me and that is enough.
shikeshsorathia Heaven & Hell @BlackDerecho It might not seem like it now, but slowly you'll feel that you have more control over what happened. We can't always explain why we had to do certain things, but any decision we make will never be a stupid one. Every day we are healing a little more and that's what matters. I have lived through #CSA #Domesticabuse and I am now inspiring the world. Founder of #listenupauthorities - our voices MUST be heard! Views are my own.
_IamChase Florida, USA but if I was a baby Id simply breastfeed and poop and observe my environment every little move u make will have an impact on my development because I'm a baby please don't act badly in front of me until I'm at least 8 then introduce me to the internet and let me google "boobs" al shim shi
Lall_Meghna Mumbai Not every video I make, will have a Call To Action says @AnkushBahuguna at #SMLive by @Social_Samosa what a brilliant thought to gain the trust of the audience and show who you really are! In a world full of muffins, be a beautiful cupcake. ♥️♥️
HPoppingthe Planet Cloroquee @thehill @VP @Mike_Pence After this is over, all the I'm sorry and please forgive me statements you make will not help. I'm curious what you tell your grandkids when they ask. I love the H, it works, I have these thoughts, and I have these gut feelings, I just know a good thing, it Works!
deckvault03 @NewsM101 Someday im gonna make a youtube channel dedicated specifically to lampooning these forkin morons im tired of these forking snowflakes and let me tell you one of the first vids i will make will be to all the chicks like this who cry about guys jerkin off to their "content" dont matter
roblugg Battersea, London @scattermoon The difficulty I always find is that their entire conception of the world and how human beings think is the problem and so no argument you can make will ever change their mind. Socialist, Trade Unionist and Londonist. Battersea @UKLabour crew. Borroka da bide bakarra. My views. RT ≠ agreement He/Him/Comrade 🏳️‍🌈
emix_1015 Venmo:Emmett-Mix.Or $EmmettMix @ChrisTake1 @LeonSolarpunk Hi Chris. I want to preface by saying I think I completely get what you’re saying. And I’m trans. There’s definitely a feeling, specifically within social media based conversations that you have to be 100% right in or the mistakes you make will be the thing highlighted and you’ll no doubt, the universe is unfolding as it should ⚧He/Him/His.
hellofrmSG Singapore Maybe when you are watching tv with your parents and it's showing someone dying or sick, it could be an easier way to talk about what they want. "Wah this character poor thing ah... all the children fight over the house. Must make will hor, ma" Hello! I am @jigglygloop from Singapore! | #RotationCuration from the sunny island of Singapore! | Contact @cakesauce for curation opportunities!
MoMUFC2020 Burton upon Trent, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @Stebrad55 @MUFCNW3427 @che5ter666 I agree. I’m not going to go round in circles here. It carries flu like symptoms but it’s worse and deadly than a normal flu and some people need to understand that because the choices some people make will affect us all whether we are healthy or not or think it’s just a flu. With Cerebral Palsy ❤️ @ManUtd 🔴😈 Rugby 🏉 Great Britain 🇬🇧 Music 🎶 Memories, Halloween 👻 Films 🎥 Drama, Comedies 😂 Politics & other things.
SoldierOnAust Canberra Australia It's the last day of the financial year. Any donation you make will support veterans and their families. Reduce your taxable income. Donate now at: #Time2Thrive Soldier On enables veterans and their families to thrive. #TimeToThrive #StrongerTogether #HandUp
chimneychirping Hyderabad @madhavanmalolan Building curiosity can't fully transfer to an online and remote model IMO. And teaching kids to Google doesn't fully acknowledge the problem in hand, along with quite a few demerits of it. But I do understand what point you want to make. Will read more about it! :) Dreamer. Food geek. Subtly charming tea fanatic. Music evangelist. I draw on fogged up windows.
hellloWorld__ Sindh @Shykhiyanwala Do a million things right and it will go unnoticed but the one mistake you make will cost you everything, that's how people judge you. “I try to know as many people as I can. You never know which one you’ll need.”
AVulalo zim @uLerato_pillay Because our governments are in bed together no amount of noise you will make will make them stop foreigners from coming in your country dnt worry get used to it and eventually pack you bags and look for another country to stay in thus how it all started for us all foreigners am a woman of many talents Proudly Zimbabwean🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼
YourAnonUnit Everywhere make will just help you down another path to a beautiful ending, All mistakes are opportunity to learning, and learning helps you grow and change into a better person, similarly to how the happy accidents changed the painting to something better than Bob Ross imagined. #Anonymous #BlackLivesMatter #OpDeathEaters #OpPedoHunt #OpChildSafety We're fighting for everyone's freedom, join us.
Claras12345 USA Dear Pioneers Hope you remember to push the button EVERY DAY. The progress is going good and in a very Interesting direction. READ THE NEWS..... Every coin you make will be nice to have in the future 😊💵 Interested in money, humans and every day life.
CloneTeee1019 There’s no chance I’m ready for the social media wave that’s gonna hit my twitter when crown academy explodes lol. Every single tweet I make will get swarmed with hundreds of support requests and death threats. I just hope I can filter out all the noise and still enjoy twitter 😬 (21, He/Him) Top Contributor & Former IX Intern @Roblox. You probably know me as CloneTrooper1019! Currently working on Crown Academy @StarStatusGroup
KohzKah Chinuk Illahee I am spending my lawsuit money on guns, land and housing for Indigenous women. I might not live long enough to see it but I'm hoping my kids follow through with that goal. I might have to make will. I have 2 lawsuits in. 3 if you count the aclu kettle. 4 if you count present day. I am nothing and nobody. I am the being part of human being.
baconnbiits @BLNKTLZ @rlonelysky @chicheesticks @harribosnakes @seruliii @specsartts @tonipepperoni11 That is so sweet iwndjsnjsksjj it means so much to me to hear that 🥺🥺 thank you so much and I’m so happy that you’re continuing to push yourself to make art and improve, I’m sure everything you’ll make will be stunning ❤️ not a DT simp account !! 😖 I draw art of the neon Minecraft man & his squad but I’m not a simp 😌 active on insta: @baconnbiits || YouTube: Crazii Dani
toostrangeand she/they just got a notif on this and tbh nothing else i ever make will be as self-indulgent as this!!!! k80 | 29 | just crying over kpop and space ✨some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences✨
smalIfry they/them or she/her, 22 this is huge for me as i have always been the token broke friend but god damn waitressing has changed my forking life. after paying rent utilities wifi car and phone i’ll still have a couple hundred in my bank!!! and after that all the money i make will be for spending! Oh no, BMO don’t cry, you know I’m an empath.
muvaangel Berkeley, CA Btw I’m an outstanding cook and nothing I EVER make will be “bird food”. I peeped game. And I been peeping for months. Messy. hyphy hoochie while still being juicy.
DDWill7 @hannahmeisel @GovPritzker I do sympathize with him and all executives here. Like a State's Attorney, every decision you make will anger at least half of your constituency. Of course he didn't extend the same grace to POTUS or Red State Gov's
dollaoutal5cent @UcenationMusic The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices that you make will shape your life forever. But you can ask anybody from my neighborhood, and they'll just tell you this is just another Bronx tale 〽️4️⃣🌴ℹ️ 🦁💈
Ez8Big Virginia, USA @BrianPeede Bruh i gave up. People will never be happy or satisfied and every decision they make will make SOMEBODY mad🙄💀 -NSU🔰 -Music Ed. Major -Spartan Legion 🎶#LuhDaBand -Bodacious Basses⚫⚪ Barber💈💈🔴⚫️🔱Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 🔴⚫️🔱
TankKali Clinton township, MI @Little_Sybarite Yup. I love my jeep. Its my favorite vehicle ever and my only ever newly bought one, n thusly i feel i should customize it to my personality finally cause the next payment i make will be one to pay it off fully after a year of building my credit back up with payments 🤗 an self taught artistic, semi-intellectual individual who loves many different things. Hopeful yet void of hope. All things must have balance. Also i ❤ anime!!
JooBerrie @Overlord_CHS No, nothing I make will be Patreon exclusive. But supporting on Patreon helps me out, and also picking a tier (all the same price) will basically let me know the most popular project, and to focus on or make better No Minors. Galleries - #StrawberriePinkTavern #MegaberrieAnimation #runefactorie #zoidsmechagirls
Love146UK United Kingdom You’ve raised over £3000 in the last week for #Love146 #careheroes. 👏 And, every give you continue to make will support #trafficked #youngpeople and #socialworkers throughout this #pandemic. @ChildhoodTrust #championsforchildren Thank you! End child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less.
djmegabat 17 they/them BLM @1980kasp how to fake being straight? does having a girlfriend make you appear straight? why is it that i kissed this girl and felt nothing? how to make will think i’m not in love with him? how to comfort my boyfriend? how to comfort my best friend*? all i know is ship reddie, byler, elmax, zalex, and bethan, kin rory, eddie, patrick (from perks) and bev and to cosplay ღ
hobiiicores 93’ liner finished jimin's wallpaper set 🥰 and all my phone wallpapers i make will go under my pinned thread to make everything easier! #제이홉 • bts taught me that i’m worth loving • fan account • priv @iamuhgood
HurricaneShane1 As close to hell as I care for @SarahSpain women who can and choose to make Will Ferrell references are rare gems God please get me out of here
BarkyB1 Jim Cooper’s Intermment Camp @JenSiebelNewsom @TIME We are told this is the sacrifice we must make. Will you sacrifice your children’s college ed and pledge that they will not attend a UC or prestigious college for the “collective good”? Vote NO on ACA5. It’s an anti Civil Rights Bill masquerading around as affirmative action & diversity. It allows CA to discriminate against Asians. SJW’s suck!
RossTandem @InkorporatedYt @PHARAOH_ATEN_ There is no try! Only do! Keep doing!!!! Each piece you make will grow as your wisdom grows and is applied. You want realism in your art? Check out PROKO. Let's Tweet. ;)
theIMEU 15 members of the Israeli Knesset’s Joint List sent a letter to Democrats, calling on them to oppose annexation: "Democrats have a decision to make. Will they keep wringing their hands and expressing ‘concern,’ or are they going to do something about it?" Giving you access to untold stories, facts, and expert sources on all things Palestine— politics, culture, art, and activism.
jbrown11871 Currently in Foshan @CNBC The republicans need to remember any changes they make will effect them once they are removed as will any bad precedent Barr sets as to presidential conduct and oversight I am still alive & still care about what is right & wrong. I am a little nuts but aren't we all, I am a comedian & I am an international man of mystery

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